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Our Internship in China Program


If you’re a fluent English speaker searching for an overseas adventure, then the K.T Century Education internship program might just suit you. Lasting anywhere from a month to half a year, our internships offer the chance for personal growth in China with Mandarin proficiency not required.


Rest easy when your internship is fully organised by us. Our guidance and support during the registration process is invaluable, but we will also have student advisors assisting you throughout your stay in China.


Not only are we confident that we can arrange the perfect internship for you, we ensure your accommodation is comfortable and you’ll be kept busy with all sorts of social events. With internships offered in the famous cities of Beijing and Shanghai, we help you make your overseas experience worthwhile. 


Why Internship in China?


  • Exciting blend of ancient culture and modern technology

  • International  experience sets you apart on your CV

  • Incredible sights and heritage sites to visit

  • A unique opportunity to learn Mandarin

  • Be at the forefront of the growing global economy


How does it work?

Our K.T Century Education internship advisor will guide you through the process from start to finish. The first step is to simply discuss what you are looking for in the program and what you’re looking to get out of it. This preliminary step may involves checking dates, looking at accommodation options, optional language courses, a review of your CV and cover letter, and also deciding on what field you wish to intern in.

After a specific program has been selected, your advisor will arrange interviews for you with a range of suitable companies until you’ve found one that suits you. With a contract signed, the administrative processes which involve visa application begins.

When you’ve finally reached China, you will have a student advisor acting as your main contact helping you with anything you need, from adapting to the local business culture to find the best street food. You will be part of the exclusive K.T Century Education intern and student community, a group of international globetrotters with active social lives and readily available support networks - many of whom may become your closest friends.

What is required?

Internships are available from one to six months, with a required minimum age of 18. While some Chinese skills may prove an advantage, only English is required, as our partner companies either have English as their company language or offer a work environment where you can communicate in English.

However, working in China is rather different to Australia and it is important that you keep an open mind - especially to their business culture. Expect to work with both Chinese and international team members and clients, so be prepared to accept and adapt to their respective working cultures. As a result, an interest in fresh work environments would undoubtedly suit you well. 

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