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If learning how to speak Mandarin interests you, our courses are perfect for adults to enjoy both a practical and social experience whilst learning about the Chinese language and culture. Our beginner sessions are suitable for people who have no experience with Mandarin Chinese, while later sessions will delve into increasingly complex language concepts.


What will you learn with us?


General Mandarin


General Mandarin is the course for students who want to study Mandarin systematically. Students will be trained skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The textbooks involve almost all topics in Chinese daily life including basic business expressions, social dialogues. Students will be studying step by step.

After finishing 20 hours of study, students will be able to make daily communications in the workplace and life.


Business Mandarin


Business Mandarin is designed for students who need Chinese business background. The course will help students communicate with their Chinese co-workers in the workplaces and do well in a Chinese job interview.


HSK Exam Preparation


The course is designed for students with different Chinese levels. The students will focus on the skill of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course will prepare those students for HSK exams.


Why K.T Chinese Learning?

  • Highly experienced and qualified teachers

  • Advanced classroom technology creates an ideal learning environment.

  • Learn to speak, read, and write Chinese as you progress through the course levels.

  • Communicate more confidently when traveling to Chinese speaking countries.

  • Understand and communicate better with Mandarin-speaking friends or family.

  • Improve both current and future employment opportunities with the addition of foreign language skills.

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