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Beijing is perfect for those that want to discover both ancient traditions and experience modern society. Learn about Chinese history whilst also being able to enjoy all the nightlife, shopping and attractions offered by one of the world’s largest country cities.  Home to some of China's most famous sights, and the rich cultural history in countless temples and pagodas too, explore the exciting landscape through a labyrinth of mall alleyways through the old town, situated just next to the skyscrapers of the Central Business District. Beijing is also located less than an hour from one of the wonders of the medieval world: the Great Wall of China.

Mandarin is also the local language, making it one of the best cities to immerse oneself in Chinese culture. In transport, at restaurants and on the streets, you'll have countless opportunities to apply what you've been learning in class. 


Learn Mandarin in China  (Shanghai - Beijing - Chengde)


China has the largest population of any country in the world and is the third largest country in size (after Russia and Canada). It is an incredibly vast country full of culture, history and heritage sites and exploring its beauty is an adventure of a lifetime. Combine this adventure with learning Mandarin and make it an experience that will be beneficial for both personal growth and your professional future.


The study in all three locations: Beijing, Shanghai and Chengde. You start your course in Shanghai, the perfect international setting to settle into China, then you move to Beijing for the second part of your course and finish fully immersed in Chinese language and culture in Chengde. A great option if you want to see a little of everything that China has to offer.


We have 3 different course options for you to choose from with the 3 City Combo.



  1. Standard Three City: This includes 20 hours a week of small group class in Shanghai and Beijing, studying 4 hours daily (Monday to Friday) in groups of no more than 6. Once you reach your final destination of Chengde, you will study 20 hours a week again but this time on a 1-on-1 basis. This gives you time to work on the areas you feel need most improving or learn the vocabulary you feel you are lacking.

  2. Three City Intensive: This includes 20 hours of small group class + 10 hours of 1-on-1 class a week in both Shanghai and Beijing. This option gives you the social benefit of group class and gives you the added benefit of 1-on-1 attention. Once in Chengde, you will study Mandarin 6 hours daily in a 1-on-1 setting. This more intensive 30 hour a week course will help you to progress very quickly in an immersive setting.

  3. Three City Individual: Our individual program means you will study on a 1-on-1 basis throughout your course. In each of our 3 cities you will take 20 hours a week of 1-on-1 class. Our individual program is the most intensive and the hardest but it will also see the greatest results. It’s also perfect for those who are already more advanced Mandarin speakers or for those with very specific needs, such as learning business vocabulary.


All of our immersion programs include airport pickup, transport between cities and most importantly, a survival kit for each city. This survival kit includes a pre-charged SIM card, help with police registration, a bicycle, a Beijing public transport card (pre-charged), help setting up a bank account, local maps and of course, 24/7 support.







  • Be part of a Chinese family

  • Carefully selected and matched homestays

  • Close to the school

  • Modern apartments

  • Half board and full board options

  • You will probably end up joining family weddings, hike the Great Wall together, and enjoy some of the best food of your life. Homestay families are carefully selected in order to give students a warm and welcoming experience. Homestay families will actively encourage you to speak Chinese and you will find yourself learning Mandarin both in the classroom and at home. Living with a Chinese homestay family will push you to speak Chinese whilst also gaining valuable insights into Chinese life. Learn Chinese, speak Chinese, and truly live the language.



Live & Teach Homestays


  • Carefully selected families in Beijing

  • Match homestays based on your preferences

  • Eat with your Chinese host family

  • Conveniently located

  • Cultural exchange and language exchange


With our Live & Teach option, homestay accommodation is discounted in return for help teaching the host family’s children conversational English, while they in turn encourage you to speak Chinese. This is a great opportunity for cultural exchange as both you and your family can learn together. Study Chinese in Beijing while living with a Chinese family, all at a very affordable price.



Shared Apartments


  • Choose between large and small rooms

  • Share with other people studying or working in Beijing

  • Each room has a study area

  • Option for en-suite


Conveniently located and economical, shared apartments are a great way to live in Beijing. Every student gets their own private space where they can study and do homework without disruption after class. Sharing with other people is a great way to make long lasting friendships from the beginning of your stay and learn about China’s culture.


Serviced Apartments


  • Full privacy

  • Your own bathroom and kitchen

  • 25 minute walk to school or 10 minute bus ride

  • Restaurants, shops and ATM close by

  • Weekly cleaning service


Flexible and offering full privacy and independence, the serviced apartments are a great choice for anyone who want their own space to study and relax after class. While you have your own kitchen and two supermarkets downstairs, there are plenty of restaurants, a billiard club and other amenities in the area and the school is within walking distance





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