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Online Chinese Course for kids


【Introduction】Our Mandarin course inspires kids with a lifelong love for the Chinese language and culture.

【What to learn】Di Zi Gui (Our most popular Chinese children book), Classic Chinese stories, Chinese children songs, basic writing in Mandarin and Chinese culture

Young Family

“My daughter really enjoys the online Chinese class here. The teacher has very good interactive methods and resources to help kids engage more in the lessons. The class size is also small and they are all very nice.”

                                                                      ------ Julie (Sophie's mum)


What people say?

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Online Mandarin Class for adults


【Introducation】 For business or personal use, our Mandarin course for adults provides you with the basic skills to speak, read and write in Chinese. 

【What to learn】Chinese Pinyin, Writing, Speaking, Chinese culture and business

English Speaking
Education events

Our program in China

Learn Mandarin in ChinaTo learn the language, you have to constantly apply the language. What's better than applying it directly in China? Together with our partners in China, we offer Chinese language classes in China.

Internship in ChinaIntern in China is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You get impressive international work experience to add to your resume, the chance to explore an incredible ancient culture and you get to make new international friends.​


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